Sound Card Drivers

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Sound Card Drivers

Latest Sound Card Drivers

Updates & Downloads your Sound Card Drivers. DownloadAtoZ Driver Section provides free and safe Sound Card Driver downloads, including Sony Vaio VPCF11FGX Realtek Audio Driver PCEE Registry Patch 090918 for Windows 7 64 bit, Sony Vaio VPCF11FGX Realtek HD Audio Driver for Windows 7 64 bit.

All Vendors about Sound Card Drivers

Looking for the vendors about the Sound Card drivers? Here shows the complete vendors of Sound Card drivers. Just choose the right vendors for yourself.

Aztech Sound Card Drivers


Aztech Sound Card Drivers(48)

Audiotrak Sound Card Drivers


Audiotrak Sound Card Drivers(123)

ATI Technology Sound Card Drivers

ATI Technology

ATI Technology Sound Card Drivers(19)

Asrock Sound Card Drivers


Asrock Sound Card Drivers(70)

Biostar Sound Card Drivers


Biostar Sound Card Drivers(273)

Clevo Sound Card Drivers


Clevo Sound Card Drivers(29)

Everex Sound Card Drivers


Everex Sound Card Drivers(1)

ESS Technology Sound Card Drivers

ESS Technology

ESS Technology Sound Card Drivers(94)

Emachines Sound Card Drivers


Emachines Sound Card Drivers(28)

ECS Sound Card Drivers


ECS Sound Card Drivers(42)

Echo Sound Card Drivers


Echo Sound Card Drivers(68)

Fujitsu Sound Card Drivers


Fujitsu Sound Card Drivers(3)

Formosa21 Sound Card Drivers


Formosa21 Sound Card Drivers(64)

Genius Sound Card Drivers


Genius Sound Card Drivers(48)

Gateway Sound Card Drivers


Gateway Sound Card Drivers(239)

HP Sound Card Drivers


HP Sound Card Drivers(753)

Jetway Sound Card Drivers


Jetway Sound Card Drivers(22)

Logitech Sound Card Drivers


Logitech Sound Card Drivers(3)

Lenovo Sound Card Drivers


Lenovo Sound Card Drivers(195)

Leadtek Sound Card Drivers


Leadtek Sound Card Drivers(12)

Plextor Sound Card Drivers


Plextor Sound Card Drivers(3)

RME Sound Card Drivers


RME Sound Card Drivers(80)

Razer Sound Card Drivers


Razer Sound Card Drivers(15)

Supermicro Sound Card Drivers


Supermicro Sound Card Drivers(6)

Shuttle Sound Card Drivers


Shuttle Sound Card Drivers(33)

Twinhan Sound Card Drivers


Twinhan Sound Card Drivers(11)

Tyan Sound Card Drivers


Tyan Sound Card Drivers(4)

Trust Sound Card Drivers


Trust Sound Card Drivers(1)

Terratec Sound Card Drivers


Terratec Sound Card Drivers(662)

ViewSonic Sound Card Drivers


ViewSonic Sound Card Drivers(2)

Zoom Sound Card Drivers


Zoom Sound Card Drivers(1)

3DFX Sound Card Drivers


3DFX Sound Card Drivers(1)

Aopen Sound Card Drivers


Aopen Sound Card Drivers(653)

Albatron Sound Card Drivers


Albatron Sound Card Drivers(74)

Adaptec Sound Card Drivers


Adaptec Sound Card Drivers(3)

Abit Sound Card Drivers


Abit Sound Card Drivers(18)

M-Audio Sound Card Drivers


M-Audio Sound Card Drivers(159)

Sager Sound Card Drivers


Sager Sound Card Drivers(49)

Saitek Sound Card Drivers


Saitek Sound Card Drivers(4)

Mustek Sound Card Drivers


Mustek Sound Card Drivers(6)

Motorola Sound Card Drivers


Motorola Sound Card Drivers(8)

MPIO Sound Card Drivers


MPIO Sound Card Drivers(9)

Mercury Technologies Sound Card Drivers

Mercury Technologies

Mercury Technologies Sound Card Drivers(2)

NEC Sound Card Drivers


NEC Sound Card Drivers(12)

Premio Sound Card Drivers


Premio Sound Card Drivers(41)

AIPTEK Sound Card Drivers


AIPTEK Sound Card Drivers(1)

Analog Devices Sound Card Drivers

Analog Devices

Analog Devices Sound Card Drivers(64)

NON Sound Card Drivers


NON Sound Card Drivers(6)

Alps Sound Card Drivers


Alps Sound Card Drivers(10)

Ambient Technologies Sound Card Drivers

Ambient Technologies

Ambient Technologies Sound Card Drivers(1)

Aureal Semiconductor Sound Card Drivers

Aureal Semiconductor

Aureal Semiconductor Sound Card Drivers(3)

ATI Technologies Sound Card Drivers

ATI Technologies

ATI Technologies Sound Card Drivers(43)

ATI Sound Card Drivers


ATI Sound Card Drivers(72)

EL Sound Card Drivers


EL Sound Card Drivers(2)

AVerMedia Technologies Sound Card Drivers

AVerMedia Technologies

AVerMedia Technologies Sound Card Drivers(20)

Diamond Multimedia Sound Card Drivers

Diamond Multimedia

Diamond Multimedia Sound Card Drivers(3)

Dazzle Sound Card Drivers


Dazzle Sound Card Drivers(4)



OTHER SOUNDCARDS Sound Card Drivers(1025)

Hercules Sound Card Drivers


Hercules Sound Card Drivers(32)

Matsonic Sound Card Drivers


Matsonic Sound Card Drivers(409)

Pinnacle Sound Card Drivers


Pinnacle Sound Card Drivers(4)

CMedia Sound Card Drivers


CMedia Sound Card Drivers(92)

MICROSOFT Sound Card Drivers


MICROSOFT Sound Card Drivers(550)

YAMAHA Sound Card Drivers


YAMAHA Sound Card Drivers(899)



GUILLEMOT/HERCULES Sound Card Drivers(25)

PRIMAX Sound Card Drivers


PRIMAX Sound Card Drivers(1)

ESS AUDIO Sound Card Drivers


ESS AUDIO Sound Card Drivers(2)

CHICONY Sound Card Drivers


CHICONY Sound Card Drivers(1)

CIRRUS LOGIC Sound Card Drivers


CIRRUS LOGIC Sound Card Drivers(60)

VIDEOLOGIC Sound Card Drivers


VIDEOLOGIC Sound Card Drivers(6)

S3 Sound Card Drivers


S3 Sound Card Drivers(796)

Teac Sound Card Drivers


Teac Sound Card Drivers(1)

Sceptre Sound Card Drivers


Sceptre Sound Card Drivers(4)

Soyo Sound Card Drivers


Soyo Sound Card Drivers(1)

Lite-On Sound Card Drivers


Lite-On Sound Card Drivers(8)

Magic Pro Sound Card Drivers

Magic Pro

Magic Pro Sound Card Drivers(3)

PCTEL Sound Card Drivers


PCTEL Sound Card Drivers(1)

IDT Sound Card Drivers


IDT Sound Card Drivers(464)

Broadcom Sound Card Drivers


Broadcom Sound Card Drivers(11)

Dell Sound Card Drivers


Dell Sound Card Drivers(66)

ASUSTeK Computer Sound Card Drivers

ASUSTeK Computer

ASUSTeK Computer Sound Card Drivers(32)

Intel Sound Card Drivers


Intel Sound Card Drivers(170)

Nvidia Sound Card Drivers


Nvidia Sound Card Drivers(98)

Toshiba Sound Card Drivers


Toshiba Sound Card Drivers(959)

Acer Sound Card Drivers


Acer Sound Card Drivers(406)

SONY Sound Card Drivers


SONY Sound Card Drivers(122)

SiS Sound Card Drivers


SiS Sound Card Drivers(28)

Samsung Sound Card Drivers


Samsung Sound Card Drivers(193)

VIA Sound Card Drivers


VIA Sound Card Drivers(559)

Creative Sound Card Drivers


Creative Sound Card Drivers(610)

ASUS Sound Card Drivers


ASUS Sound Card Drivers(927)

AMD Sound Card Drivers


AMD Sound Card Drivers(8)

C-Media Sound Card Drivers


C-Media Sound Card Drivers(536)

GigaByte Sound Card Drivers


GigaByte Sound Card Drivers(240)

IBM Sound Card Drivers


IBM Sound Card Drivers(1367)

MSI Sound Card Drivers


MSI Sound Card Drivers(334)

Kodak Sound Card Drivers


Kodak Sound Card Drivers(2)

3Com Sound Card Drivers


3Com Sound Card Drivers(5)

Diamond Sound Card Drivers


Diamond Sound Card Drivers(4)

Philips Sound Card Drivers


Philips Sound Card Drivers(25)

More About Sound Card Drivers

Sound Card Driver Introduction

Sound card driver is essential to computer, without sound card driver, your computer will have no sound. And sometimes old sound card driver also causes sound issues. If these happens, you need to download and install the latest sound card drivers.

In the article below, sound card driver download list will be given. You can download Realtek sound card driver, Intel sound card driver, creative sound card driver and VIA sound card driver for Windows, Mac OS and Linux.

Universal Sound Card Driver

Wanna an Universal sound card driver for all audio cards? Actually it's impossible at the moment. But we still have plan B, with this Universal sound card driver, you no longer need a unique sound card driver for each device, since it supports most of the products from the same manufacturer.

Universal Sound Card Driver for Windows Universal Sound Card Driver for Windows
Are you still searching for the Universal sound card driver for Windows XP or Windows Vista system? Download the Universal Sound Card Driver for Windows for Vista system or XP system, this driver works well on Windows platform and supports many devices.

Universal Sound Card Driver for Windows 7 Universal Sound Card Driver for Windows 7
With Universal sound card driver for Windows 7, you no longer need to download sound card driver every time you wanna replace your computer or audio device. This driver is compatible with almost all sound cards, but it only works on Windows 7 operating system.

Universal Sound Card Driver for Windows - AC97 Universal Sound Card Driver for Windows - AC97
Universal sound card driver for Windows - AC97 supports all AC97 standard sound cards, Windows 7, Windows vista and Windows XP are all supported by this driver. Download this Universal sound card driver if you want an unusual experience.

Universal Sound Card Driver for Windows - VIA Universal Sound Card Driver for Windows - VIA
Universal sound card driver for Windows - VIA is compatible with almost all VIA chipsets and sound cards, if you are VIA sound card user, this driver is highly recommended. And note, this driver is only for Windows platform, if you're with Mac OS or Linux, it won't work.

Universal Sound Card Driver for Windows - Realtek Universal Sound Card Driver for Windows - Realtek
Universal sound card driver for Windows - Realtek can support most of the sound cards from Realtek, good news for Realtek sound card users. Download this driver for your Windows operating system now is available, hope it won't disappoint you.

Sound Card Driver: How To

Have you ever encounter issues when install sound card driver? Or cannot update sound card driver successfully? If you are facing the problems, don't worry, there is a collection of sound card driver error fixes list, please read on to get the information needed.

Sound Card Driver: How to Install
How to install Realtek RTL8139/810x
How to Install Audio Drivers on Gateway NV5807u Notebook
How to Install C-Media AC'97 Audio Device Driver
Install Creative Plug and Play Sound Blaster Drivers in Windows NT
How to Install Audio Driver for Intel Motherboard
Steps For Install Sigmatel High Definition Audio Codec
Installing Realtek AC'97 Driver A4.06 For Sound card
Sound Card Driver: How to Update
How to Update audio drivers
How to Update Audio Drivers for Windows 7
How to Update Realtek HD Audio Driver for Windows 7
Update SigmaTel High Definition Audio CODEC Driver for Windows Vista
Sound Card Driver: Error Fix
Audio Drivers Fail to Install
Realtek driver can not be install on Windows Vista
Intel HD Audio Driver Installation Issue with Windows XP 64-Bit Edition
Fix Dell XPS 16 Laptop Audio Sound Problems for Windows 7
Acer Aspire 5742z No Sound on Ubuntu 10.10 Fix
SigmaTel High Definition Audio Codec No Sound Issue in Windows 7
How to Fix MacBook Air No Sound, Audio Problem on Windows 7/Mac OS

Sound Card Driver Download By Manufacturer

List of sound card driver download by different manufacturers, here you can download Realtek sound card driver, Creative sound card driver, Intel sound card driver and C-media sound card driver. If your sound card is from one of these manufacturers, these latest drivers are highly recommended.

Realtek Sound Card Driver Realtek Sound Card Driver has more than 3000 results of Realtek sound card driver which are working on Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows XP, Mac OS and Linux. Hope you can read on and find the proper driver for your sound card.

Creative Sound Card Driver Creative Sound Card Driver
Free download and install Creative sound card driver for Windows, Mac and Linux, you can always find a proper driver for your device here. Download and install Creative sound card driver is easy, hope this driver work well on your computer.

Intel Sound Card Driver Intel Sound Card Driver
Many users cannot find right Intel sound card driver for their audio devices from Intel, if you're facing this issue, don't worry, here we have more than 6000 results of Intel sound card driver, there must be a right driver for your sound card.

C-media Sound Card Driver C-media Sound Card Driver
C-media sound card is widely used, but driver for this sound card is not easy to find. If you are using this series audio card and wanna download C-media sound card driver, is the best choice. Hope you can find the driver needed here.

Sound Card Driver Download by OS

Download and update sound card driver for Windows, Mac OS and Linux to fix sound card issues. In the paragraph below, download links will be given, then you can download sound card driver for Windows, sound card driver for Mac OS and sound card driver for Linux. Read on to find the right sound card driver for your operating system.

Sound Card Driver for Windows 7 Sound Card Driver for Windows 7
Sound card driver for Windows 7 is a special sound card driver for Windows 7 operating system, it supports both windows 7 32-bit and 64-bit system. Now you can download the latest windows 7 sound card driver to fix sound card issues remained by the old driver.

Sound Card Driver for Mac OS Sound Card Driver for Mac OS
Download and install sound card driver for your Mac OS such as Mac OS X 10.7, Mac OS X 10.6 and so on. If you're using Mac OS and need an sound card driver for your Mac OS platform, Sound Card Driver for Mac OS might be the best choice.

Sound Card Driver for Linux Sound Card Driver for Linux
If you are using an Linux OS like Ubuntu 11.04 or versions later, here you can find the Sound Card Driver for Linux platforms, free download and easy install, hope sound card driver for Linux is the driver you are searching for.

Sound Card Driver: New Features

Sound card driver is compatible with many famous products, such as Apple MacBook, iPad, iPad 2 and so on. If you are using these devices, download sound card driver for Apple MacBook, iPad and iPad 2. Hope the drivers below work well on your devices.

Sound Card Driver for MacBook Sound Card Driver for MacBook
Apple Macbook features beautiful appearance, and the drivers needed are different compared with other notebooks. But don't worry, we have sound card driver for MacBook, if you're in need, download it for your notebook.

Sound Card Driver for iPad Sound Card Driver for iPad
The appearance of iPad is very beautiful, so it has a lot of fans all of the world. You can take it everywhere you go, watch movies or play games, and now download sound card driver for iPad is available, hope you like it.

Sound Card Driver for iPad 2 Sound Card Driver for iPad 2
There are special sound card drivers for Apple products, and iPad 2 is no exception. Download and install sound card driver for iPad 2 is available, if you need one, don't worry in download, this driver will work well with your iPad 2 device.

Sound Card Driver Resource

Did not find the driver from the manufacturer of your sound card? Or the sound card drivers above are not the latest? Don't worry, in the next paragraph, there are some related topics about sound card driver , which you may be interested in.

Realtek AC97 Audio Driver
Perhaps Realtek AC97 Audio driver is the most popular sound card driver from Realtek, now it has millions of users all of the world. This driver works well on lots of Realtek sound cards and is compatible with almost all Windows platforms.

Realtek HD Audio Codec Driver
Realtek HD audio codec driver is very important for computers with Realtek sound card, here you can download Realtek HD audio codec driver for Windows 7, Mac OS and Linux.

C-Media AC97 Audio Device Driver
C-Media AC97 audio driver is compatible with Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows XP, Mac OS X 10.6 and Ubuntu 11.10. No matter what OS you are using, you can always find C-Media AC97 audio driver for your operating system.