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There are 1(Free Download & install) C-Media PCI Drivers for Windows 7. The following shows more information about downloading and installing the different types of Windows 7 C-Media PCI drivers for your C-Media PCI, such as C-Media AC97 Audio Device.

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Are you looking for C-Media PCI Drivers for Windows 7? Just Follow this page which can help you find and install Windows 7 PCI drivers for your C-Media PCI.

  • C-Media AC97 Audio Device Drivers
    C-Media AC97 Audio Device

    C-Media PCI Drivers for Windows 7

    Supported OS: Windows 7

    C-Media AC97 Audio Device is the lastest drivers for Windows 7 which released on Feb 1, 2012. There are 1104455 users have downloaded and installed the lastest version dirvers. Just download the C-Media PCI drivers for your devices - C-Media 9738, C-Media 9739, C-Media CM120.

    The C-Media AC97 Audio Device is a product from C-media Company. As with any piece of hardware, you need to install a specific computer program for your operating system to recognize your...

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    Easy install, does what it's supposed to. This {pdt_title} works on on my computer just fine.

    Thank for your detailed instructions! I was able to download and install the new driver in minutes! Thank you, thank you thank you!!

    I works! This C-Media AC97 Audio Device Driver has saved me a lot of pain. I had problems with the sound not working with a lot of programs and this driver fixed all my Audio Problems.


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More About C-Media PCI Drivers for Windows 7

More About C-Media PCI Drivers for Windows 7:
Find the C-Media PCI Drivers for Windows 7? Don't worry, here offers you C-Media PCI Drivers for Windows 7, such as C-Media AC97 Audio Device, . With these drivers, you will find the answers to the most commonly asked questions related to finding, installing and troubleshooting Windows 7 drivers on your C-Media PCI.
PCI - Peripheral Component Interconnect. The best known variant is mainly used in the PC environment. It influences the performance of the computer in some ways. There are now three different standards: conventional PCI, PCI-X, PCI-E. If you want to make your computer run more well, the PCI drivers is the necessary!

How to Fix PCI Input Device Driver missing problem?
Recently, i reinstall my PC OS, and I try to install all drivers for my pc, On my Device Manager, there is a yellow question mark next to something called: PCI Input Device. What is this? How can I get back the missing PCI input device drivers?
Ways: When you reformatt without the regular disk you need the following drivers, Sound, video, chipset, pci buss and lan drivers.

Pci device driver not installing, How to Fix?
The PCI driver can't install on your pc? How to fix the Pci device driver not installing? Just follow the steps which help you install the pci device driver easily! Here shows the way Installing a Driver From a Disc.
Step 1: Make sure the computer is shut down and plug the PCI device into an available PCI slot.
Step 2: Boot up the computer. Then open the CD-ROM drive and insert the device driver CD-ROM that shipped with the device.
Step 3: Close the drive and wait for the software to auto-launch.
Step 4: Follow the on-screen prompts to install the device drivers on the disc. That's OK!

If you have any problems about the C-Media PCI drivers, let us know!