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There are 2(Free Download & install) HP Bluetooth Drivers for Windows 7. The following shows more information about downloading and installing the different types of Windows 7 HP Bluetooth drivers for your HP Bluetooth, such as Bluetooth with Enhanced Data Rate Software.

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Are you looking for HP Bluetooth Drivers for Windows 7? Just Follow this page which can help you find and install Windows 7 Bluetooth drivers for your HP Bluetooth.


More About HP Bluetooth Drivers for Windows 7

More About HP Bluetooth Drivers for Windows 7:
Find the HP Bluetooth Drivers for Windows 7? Don't worry, here offers you HP Bluetooth Drivers for Windows 7, such as Bluetooth with Enhanced Data Rate Software, Windows 7 HP Bluetooth Drivers. With these drivers, you will find the answers to the most commonly asked questions related to finding, installing and troubleshooting Windows 7 drivers on your HP Bluetooth.
Bluetooth drivers are essential to computers, without bluetooth drivers computers won't connect to other devices via bluetooth. Bluetooth exists in many products, such as telephones, tablets, media players, Lego Mindstorms NXT, PlayStation 3, PSP Vita. Here are some common problems about bluetooth drivers.

How to Fix My Bluetooth Connection on SmartPhone?
The phone can't connect the bluetooth! The Phone told me that Can't Find the Bluetooth! How to connect bluetooth on smartphone!
1. First make sure that the Bluetooth service is turned on! Then use the Bluetooth settings to enable "Visibility" or "Discoverable" mode.
2. Check both devices to make sure they're properly charged and/or contain working batteries.
3. Check the device for Bluetooth compatibility.
4. Restart your phone and your other Bluetooth device.

How to Fix Bluetooth Driver Installation Problem?
Most users said that they can't install the bluetooth drivers. It always said must enable device to install. The bluetooth driver installation problem is easy to fix! Just follow me!
Step 1: First uninstall the actual bluetooth drivers! Make sure that there is no bluetooth drivers on your device.
Step 2: Restart your device! Anf the os will prompt you to install the bluetooth drivers!
Step 3: Double click bluetooth drivers installer.exe to install it!
Step 4: Now restart your device! And the Bluetooth driver is OK!

How to Fix Windows 8 Bluetooth Problem?
When upgrade to windows 8, most users have bluetooth problems! The bluetooth not working on windows 8! I tried to restart the PC, but it doexn't work! How to fix Windows 8 bluetooth problems?
Ways 1: Try to reinstall the bluetooth drivers or install Some third party Bluetooth drivers. And then restart your PC.
Ways 2: Please check your driver is not compatible with win8 system. If it doesn't, Please download the compatible driver to install!

If you have any problems about the HP Bluetooth drivers, let us know!