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Popcorn Hour C-200 Firmware 02-01-091007-19-POP-408 Beta For Windows All

Information about Popcorn Hour C-200 Firmware. Download Popcorn Hour C-200 Firmware for your device Popcorn Hour C-200 Firmware which can help solve the Popcorn Hour C-200 Firmware driver problems.

Name: Popcorn Hour C-200 Firmware
Version: 02-01-091007-19-POP-408 Beta
OS: Windows All
Manufacturer: Other Drivers
Type: Firmware Drivers
Model: Other Firmware Drivers
Size: 62.8 MB
Downloads: 11783
Updated Time: Nov 13, 2011

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Popcorn Hour C-200 Firmware

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For Windows All

Date Version Installation Download
Nov 23, 2011 02-01-091113-19-POP-408-000 11049 Download

Popcorn Hour C-200 Firmware Driver Description



-Fixed certain BD disc cannot jump to Top menu (Spears & Munsil test disc)
-Fixed TV signal reinit during start and stop DVD/BD playback
-Disabled TIME SEEK for DVD playback when repeat mode is set to REPEAT CHAPTER and REPEAT TITLE
-Fixed incorrect browser OSD resolution after playing BDJ titles
-Fixed AVCHD cannot play through USB loader
-Fixed BDJ slow cannot rollback to 1/2x. (Note: BDJ only support slow speed at 1/2x and 1/4x)
-Fixed some BD ISO cannot play even with correct region setting
-Enable framerate sync for BD and DVD
-Fixed BD key status checking handling (Bug #5000227)
-Fixed browser flickering after exiting from BDJ playback without persistfs drive (Bug #5000230)
-Fixed player crash when play BD after audio file playback
-BD region setting pop-up will now shows current region instead of '-'

Video and Audio playback

-Fixed blinking FRx2 OSD shown, when rewind not supported during MPEG playback. (Bug #5000036)
-Fixed after stop playback iceage.ts from NMT Myihome server, player hang (Bug #5000141)
-Resolved screen flicker issue during background music (BGM) when switching next file in playlist (Bug #5000091)
-Improved parsing in SRT
-Fixed video/audio bitrate broken issue.
-Disable step function for audio playback.
-Fixed some mp3 end playback prematurely; by enabling ID3 v2.4 detection
-Fixed incorrect info for mpa file (Bug #5000115)
-parsing OGG Vorbis comment header to get title/artist/album info
-Fix to get accurate info for vorbis duration (Bug #5000113)
-Fixed slow OGG seek response and incorrect seek position (Bug #5000140, #5000144)
-patch for WMAPro bitstream (Sigma patch)
-Fixed audio mute state persistency during audio/video playlist
-Fixed Dolby Digital too soft volume issue (Dolby Digital characteristic means it will still be softer than other codec)
-Workaround to overcome graphic quality issue in browser (Bug #5000087, #5000088, #5000092, #5000093)
-Fixed SRT subtitle not cleared when timestamp overlapped
-Subtitle time offset changed to 0.5sec step
-External Arabic subtitle support
-Fix to handle CJK characters (UTF8) in MKV
-Press SETUP key during playback will show "!" icon instead of stop
-Fixed OSD infobar disappear after screensaver kick in during audio playback (Bug #5000111)
-Maintain info bar throughout playlist (Bug #5000120)
-AutoFramerate (Framerate sync) enabled
-Fixed incorrect behaviour when play mode set to Repeat One/All at setup page after replay video/audio files. (Bug #5000127)
-Fixed Play mode at Setup->Preferences will revert from Repeat All to Repeat Off after saving and reboot. (Bug #5000126)
-Fixed continuous triggering of STEP keypress even after Play is pressed. (Bug #5000055)
-Fixed inconsistent info bar display during playback when SATA BD and USB DVD ROM with disc are connected (Bug #5000128)
-Fixed framerate sync issue
-Fixed incorrect pause-play action when switching audio during playback
-Surround mode setting restored.
-Fixed repeat mode consistency (Bug #5000126)
-Fixed macroblock issue for some L4.1 MKV
-Added IDX/SUB support (now only for AVI and ASF)
-.DAT file playback support
-Revert some option which caused MKV playback stuttering (Bug #5000238)
-Revert patch that caused subtitle on-the-fly activation failure (Bug #5000239, #5000240)

Photo app

-Fixed setting repeat on at last photo will skip the first photo during playback (Bug #5000116)
-Fixed an issue where rotating last jpeg/jpg photo during "repeat all" will cause playlist number missing in WMP11 (Bug #5000082)
-Fixed Flickr/Picasa showing cropped photo after triggering prev/next (Bug #5000095)
-Fixed issue where after rotate, then scaling will get incorrect aspect ratio
-Fixed issue where pressing 'enter' on the first image file will trigger "playall" in myiHome


-Fixed infobar not cleared after certain file playback in SD (Bug #5000069).
-OSD for Repeat A, Repeat AB, Shuffle added
-Fixed bug of garbled text rendering on info bar
-Added new Shuffle icon for Audio CD playback.
-Changed time seek focus to Minute position


-Fixed incorrect default hostname
-Fixed power+eject handling issue
-Fixed bugs for time zone
-Fixed "Cannot highlight 'configure proxy' button when Wifi card connected to board" (Bug #5000223)
-Fixed disappearing IP address in setup after changing time zone (Bug #5000232)
-Fixed Ethernet 10/100M setting and handling (Bug #5000235)
-Fixed Power button handler response too slow (Bug #5000229)
-Workaround to "de-bounce" IR repeat signal
-Adjust front panel DIM level by BT-suspend key
-Fixed issue where firmware update cannot start and black screen shown.
-Fixed reboot failed occasionally after firmware update (Bug #5000078)
-Further fix for power+eject handling
-Workaround for soft reboot failure caused by NZBGet


-Fixed torrent popup text wrapping (Bug #5000061)
-Fixed issue where Setup page cannot be loaded when MSP page image is still loading


-Timeout improvement on SMB client login to non-existing shares or blocked by window's firewall.
-100base-T/1000base-T Ethernet configurable through Setup -> Network
-Set 10/100M as default for Ethernet configuration


-Fix auto switch to other SSID when select button is pressed (Bug #5000046)

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Popcorn Hour C-200 Firmware Driver: Reviews & Comments

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  • Popcorn Hour C-200 Firmware reviews from

    Angela567 Dec 1, 2011

    Popcorn Hour C-200 Firmware from Other works fine. Easy to install, does what it's supposed to. BTW, I am satisfied with the downloading speed.
    Reviewed Version: Popcorn Hour C-200 Firmware 02-01-091007-19-POP-408 Beta

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Popcorn Hour C-200 Firmware 02-01-091007-19-POP-408 Beta