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Kworld PVR-TV 7131 For Windows All

Information about Kworld PVR-TV 7131. Download Kworld PVR-TV 7131 for your device Kworld PVR-TV 7131 which can help solve the Kworld PVR-TV 7131 driver problems.

Name: Kworld PVR-TV 7131
OS: Windows All
Manufacturer: Other Drivers
Type: TV-Tuner Drivers
Model: Other TV-Tuner Drivers
Size: 2.5 MB
Downloads: 16662
Updated Time: Nov 11, 2011

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Kworld PVR-TV 7131

Kworld PVR-TV 7131 Driver Supported Devices

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Kworld PVR-TV 7131 Driver Description

Fix new version PHILIP driver can not cross-bar and interface supported error.
Fix IEPG interface need.Ex: Japan ...] scheduled.exe V1.2.0.6)
ADD patch file] PVRUpdate.exeAauto install setup file ^ Acan direct update the newest TVR can not update full packet.
Support PHILIP new version BDA driver frame.
Fix support RGB24 format error EMPIA can not.
Update AUDIO MIXER control source code, expect the latest compatible PCI audio frame or the high front and rear channel sound card.
Fix Uninstall scheduled.exe sometimes can not successfully uninstall and appear error message. (Fix scheduled.exe V1.2.0.5)
Refresh Design IEPG UI interface
Add PCI audio support C-Media HD audio sound card chip
Vynil AC 97 audio can choose line in

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Kworld PVR-TV 7131 Driver: Reviews & Comments

User reviews for Kworld PVR-TV 7131: Share your reviews on downloading, installing, using Kworld PVR-TV 7131 and other issues.

  • Kworld PVR-TV 7131 reviews from

    Thomas Dec 3, 2011

    Kworld PVR-TV 7131 is just what I needed. Fast to download, Easy to install!
    Reviewed Version: Kworld PVR-TV 7131

Kworld PVR-TV 7131 Review

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Kworld PVR-TV 7131 Driver: Questions and answers

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Kworld PVR-TV 7131